According to the company Vision and Mission, Zutronic developed a complete range of services to support the Customer for all technical aspects. We pay particular focus on the technical support, our main value and a key element for choosing the correct product.

We strongly believe that a proper maintenance allows equipment to remain efficient and reliable over time. For this reason, we have technicians who are constantly in training and use the most advanced available instrumentations.

In particular, for the foreign market the following services are available:

Plus Service Technical consultancy

Since more than 25 years, we support electrical designers and installers in the equipment selection and sizing


Our skilled technicians can perform commissioning of the equipment after checking the correct installation and configuration required by the project.

Technical training sessions

We define technical training sessions at our site or to the Customer plant. Training is performed by skilled personnel.

Plus Service Functional test plans and FATs

Each equipment produced is carefully tested as per internal test plans or Customer specifications. Upon request, the Customer could attend during the testing

Plus Service Preventive and corrective maintenance

We offer various types of service agreements for a complex service without worries. We are specialized in ordinary and extraordinary maintenance programs. Our excellent response time in case of failure is our plus.